Be Aware. Be Patient.

To enable autistic people to live their everyday life, it is imperative for all of us to develop understanding and empathy with the respective circumstances. To achieve this, it is crucial to provide the according information.
The aim of our project is to inform people without deterring them and to encourage society to be openminded. We noticed the many taboos, prejudices but also the ignorance prevalent around this topic. Recognizing this, affected us a lot in our work, hence we decided to meet a caregiver who works with autistic people so we could learn from her experience. Throughout the development of this project, it was important for us, not to portray autistic people as victims but as strong personalities who deal with their disease. The story we tell was lead by our intention to create something serious, yet also charming.

Each of the three animated movies is dedicated to a common symptom associated with autism. The sequences explain how the world works for them and what situations can make an autistic person feel uncomfortable. This format and concept is further applicable to other symptoms and would allow for additional episodes in the series.